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Certified Open: Fork & Vine, Counter Cafe East, and More

A roundup of this month’s restaurant openings.

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Fork & Vine
Fork & Vine
Shannon B./Yelp
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

1) Fork & Vine — West Anderson Lane got its own "Austin-inspired" restaurant this month with the opening of Fork and Vine. One Yelper noted: "It's just the type of restaurant we need more of in North Austin."

[Photo: Counter Cafe/Facebook]

2) Counter Cafe East — Counter Cafe’s second location in East Austin opened earlier this month with a much larger space. The cafe was so swamped during its opening that they had to shut down for a couple days to regroup, but now they’re open and ready for action.

[Photo: Cheryl C./Yelp]

3) PDQ Lakeline — The casual fast food chain comes to Lakeline, armed with chicken tenders and sandwiches. One Yelper promises to try to become a regular already: "Well done PDQ. I can't afford to make you a daily habit, but I'll be back often!"

[Photo: Gregory B./Yelp]

4) New Fortune Chinese Seafood — The former owners of T&S Seafood, which shut down earlier this spring, opened the New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant. The much welcomed dim sum replacement on North Lamar is already "overwhelmed with the demand, it's packed," according to a Yelper.

[Photo: Brandon H./Yelp]

5) Mary’s Pop Shop — Gelato push pops are the stars of the new and intimate Mary’s Pop Shop up on Red River Road. One Yelper urged, "You absolutely must do yourself a favor and try these amazing creations while they're still ‘indie and Austin-weird.’" Coffee, and breakfast and lunch are also on the menu.

[Photo: Shane M./Yelp]

6) Amaya’s Taco Village — The far south branch of the Tex-Mex institution of the north finally opened in Southpark Meadows this fall. The other location is on Eater’s 38 Essential Austin Restaurants list.