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Patrons Can't Stop Stealing The ABGB's Bill Murray Table Marker

They're cool with it, though. Just come drink some beer.

The Coveted Table Marker
The Coveted Table Marker
The ABGB/Facebook

South Austin brewery phenom the ABGB has a great number of their Bill Murray table markers stolen. That's fine. They get it. But patrons should embrace the challenge Bill Murray is offering: the challenge of beer. In a Facebook posting, they say:

Of all the table markers here at The ABGB, the one that goes "missing" the most... is this one. And, hey, we kind of understand. Look at that loveable face. How can you not want to be with it all the time? 

We do. Because, Bill Murray probably in general in our minds, but especially in this photo in particular of him, is the embodiment of how we want you to feel about the idea that is "Friday". 

He's challenging you. That finger is pointed at you, and it's loaded with potential. It's Friday. The weekend is going to happen. What are you going to do make it fun?

Come over, we say. Let's start with a beer or two with Bill.


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