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Sonya Cote's Eden East Trailer Threatened By Springdale Farm Permit Battle

Neighbor complaints and zoning troubles go before city council next week.

Eden East
Eden East
Eden East/Facebook

East Austin's Springdale Farm is currently embroiled in a rezoning battle focused on whether the farm can continue to host outdoor events in addition to growing and selling produce. The Chronicle dives deep into the farm's process seeking approval for a conditional use permit, a move opposed by neighborhood groups who allege the noise, parking, and other issues are a nuisance. While farm-to-table trailer Eden East, also parked on the property, is currently "legally within its right" to operate on the farm according to owner Sonya Cote, the event battle has expanded to encapsulate it as well. The details:

Then there's Eden East, the farm-to-table mobile food trailer located on the farm; Llanes and Noyola argue that each of the two nights a week the trailer is open should count as an event - part of the overall 30 events currently under discussion for Spring­dale - and claim that patrons leave the restaurant drunk, throwing bottles and cans on the ground.

Yet Matt Garcia, who has lived in the neighborhood for six years and whose house sits directly across the street from the farm, did not sign the petition and adamantly disagrees with the claims by Llanes and others, adding that he can see what's going on at the farm and Eden East from his front door and windows. . . . .

Eden East's chef/owner Sonya Coté disputes the claims as well. In an email to the Chronicle, Coté wrote that Eden East does not sell alcohol on the premises and instead offers a unique, straight-from-the-source dining experience.

The city Planning Commission has recommended Springdale be allowed to host a limited number of outdoor events, but the City Council must approve their recommendations on November 20.