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First Look at New Counter Cafe; Judas Priest Frank Hot Dog Mystery; Pie Class at Metier

Who is Austin's schmancy hot dog gambler?

Counter Cafe
Counter Cafe
Meghan McCarron/EATX

EAST 6THThe Chronicle takes a first look around Counter Cafe's new location on East 6th, which preserves the charm of the original while being "roomier and more comfortable." Counter Cafe closed for a few days to regroup after a very enthusiastic soft opening rush. [Chronicle]

FESTIVAL WIRE — Frank's $250 Judas Priest Turbo Dog at Fun Fun Fun Fest was sadly, not a mindblowingly luxurious hot dog. Instead, it was a mustard dog and $500 smackeroos. The Statesman wants to know: who is the intrepid hot dog gambler? [Statesman]

SOUTH FIRST — Lenoir partner and pastry chef Jessica Maher will teach a pie making class at their cook's shop Metier this Saturday, November 15. Reserve your spot for $15.