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Miami Restaurant Barley & Swine Ditches Their Oddly Familiar Name

Remember the Miami restaurant Austin's Barley Swine slapped with a lawsuit? They're reconcepting as Barley & Wich after condo construction woes.

Competing Barley, Swine
Competing Barley, Swine
Raymond Thompson/EATX

The long national nightmare of two restaurants with both "Barley" and "Swine" in their names has come to an end, according to Eater Miami. After construction forced smoke into their restaurant, Miami's Barley & Swine will shutter and reopen as a (smokeless) sandwich shop called Barley & Wich, at least temporarily. Barley & Swine was sued by Bryce Gilmore's Barley Swine when they opened in 2013 in order to protect Barley Swine's namesake.