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The Early Word on Fork & Taco's Asian Fusion Tacos From An Uchi Alum

Read on for the good and bad news about five spice pork tacos and soy maple ice cream.

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Fork & Taco
Fork & Taco
Jeff Amador/EATX

Burnet Road is Austin's new proving ground for fancy tacos: up and down the strip new options are popping up from the likes of The Peached Tortilla, Tacodeli, and Taco Flats, not to mention the established Torchy's foothold. Longtime Uchi chef Casey Fannin launched Fork & Taco in Brentwood earlier this fall, aiming to serve the area's growing population of families and adventurous eaters. Read on for the good and bad news.

THE TACO NEWS — Overall, the restaurant's fusion-forward options seem to be the most popular. A Chowhounder calls the grouper with green curry crema "a winner for sure," and several Yelpers praise the jerk chicken and the five spice pulled pork. More traditional options like pork shoulder or brisket are "bland."

THE TORTILLA NEWS — Fork + Taco offers handmade corn and flour tortillas, unlike their main competitors Torchy's and Tacodeli. Many early diners are impressed by the attention to detail, though Yelper Tiffy P. says hers "fell apart easily."

THE ICE CREAM NEWS — The restaurant is offering unique flavors of soft serve like Soy Maple and Marshmallow. They're a hit. Yelper Jeff G. says, "you know your favorite part of Creme Brûlée?  The caramelized part?  Imagine ice cream that's similar but better than that." Kristina K.'s kid dining companion doesn't dig them, however: " The Dulce de Leche and Soy Maple were definitely meant for the adults, in least in my opinion."

THE PRICE NEWS — Menu prices hover between five and six dollars for a taco. This elicits reactions from "a little pricey" to Toni M.'s call to arms: "Don't let them get away with this. . . . This place sets a TERRIBLE precedent for Austin. If they can get away with extortionate prices for mediocre food, everyone else will start doing the same thing. This is absolutely ridiculous."

THE WAIT NEWS — Some very early worders hit long waits. More recently, Yelper Chris B. says, "It's lunchtime dudes... you should probably have more than one register open when you have a line of 20+ people."

THE TORCHY'S (and Tacodeli) NEWS — Many an early reviewer compared Fork + Taco to their two main precedents in Austin's non-traditional taco world: Torchy's and Tacodeli. The Chowhound discussion quickly segued into discussing Tacodeli's merits, for instance. April S. calls Fork and Taco better than both, and George S. says, "Torchy's look out....yeah I said it...what!?! ;)"