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More Details on Windsor Park's New 'Texas Brasserie' And Coffee Shop

Odelay and The Upper East Side will bring fancy coffee and a playscape to 5811 Berkman in 2015.

Architectural rendering
Architectural rendering
Ben May

Just north of the Mueller development, Windsor Park has so far missed the restaurant boom overtaking much of East Austin. New restaurant and coffee shop duo Odelay and The Upper East Side are poised to change that. Eater caught up with owners Kelly LaPlante and Jason Hicks, who shared a few more details about the project.

Restaurant Odelay will be a "Texas brasserie," serving up a farm-to-table menu featuring "plenty of approachable menu items that Austinites love." (So... local queso?) There will also be a playscape for kids. Coffee shop The Upper East Side will be run as a separate entity, though both can be combined for events. Both are projected to open in early 2015.