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Live Oak Brewing Approved For New Brewery on Colorado River

The longtime East Austin brewery can start construction on a riverfront complex near the airport.

Live Oak/Facebook

One of East Austin's original craft brewers is officially approved to move much further east. According to a Facebook posting by engineers Big Red Dog, Live Oak has been approved to start construction on a new complex "near 71 and 183." City records indicate the location is 1615 Crozier Lane, on a lot with river access off of 71. The move has been in the works for several years now; Live Oak even sought approval to serve kayakers on the river.

Live Oak Brewing Company set up shop on East 5th street in Austin in 1997, which makes them old timers in the craft brewing world. Since then, the Austin brewery world has exploded, as has the brewery touring scene. While more breweries than ever are setting up shop in East Austin, perhaps it's no surprise that Live Oak is expanding to a more rural brewery complex similar to hyper-popular hill country destinations like Jester King. Eater has reached out to Live Oak for more details; watch this space for updates.