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Congress Truffles Up; Baklava Ice Cream Sandwiches; Latte Art Throwdown

The seven course white truffle tasting menu returns at Congress.

A real life truffle at Congress
A real life truffle at Congress

TRUFFLE ALERT — Downtown fine dining restaurant Congress has received their shipment of white truffles. They'll launch their 7 course truffle tasting menu starting tomorrow. [Eaterwire]

BIRTHDAY ALERT — Trailer phenom Kebabalicious will celebrate their 8th birthday at their brick and mortar store on Saturday, November 1. At the party? New menu item baklava ice cream sandwiches. [Eaterwire]

LATTE ART ALERT — Patika will host a latte art throwdown tomorrow, Thursday October 30. The monthly contest roves Austin's best coffee shops in search of foamy perfection.