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Bon Appetit Picks Their Top 10 Austin Tacos After An Epic Crawl

Local expert Mando Rayo of Taco Journalism offers some key tips.

La Fruita Feliz
La Fruita Feliz
Rebekah L/Yelp

Is La Fruta Feliz's barbacoa de chivo taco the best in Austin? Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton calls it the number one taco that "still haunts" him after a mega taco crawl around town. The magazine also checks in with local taco expert Mando Rayo, who offers key tips like: "Do eat tacos from Mexican, Asian, BBQ, and even American restaurants, but never, ever from a fast-food chain."

They also cover breakfast tacos, taco meats, and queso. Meanwhile, The New York Post wishes everyone would cut it out with the "taco tours."

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