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Watch The Daily Show Riff on Dallas's Retro Opening and Feast on a Barbecue Lei

The show kicks off a week of election-focused Austin tapings with lots of jokes about barbecue.

The Daily Show arrives in Austin this week, and they kicked off their Texas tapings with an epic homage to the classic 80's big hair drama Dallas. The opening features Elijah Wood, Robert Rodriguez, and of course, cultishly loved pitmaster Aaron Franklin who is "hopefully cater[ing]" the show.

The entire episode riffs on Austin's mixture of hippie organic and meat-crazed food culture. The segment on Ebola notes, "Austin is already brewing its own locally sourced small batch fair trade organic cage free farm to table ebola," and features a traditional Austinite "barbecue lei." Later Stewart asks Wendy Davis if Austin can reverse the loss of women's healthcare access in the state with "a Planned Parenthood food truck thing? Get a taco and a pap smear?"

Watch the opening and the first segment below.