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Second-Generation Chocolatier Opens Chocolaterie Tessa on Burnet Road

The daughter of one of Dallas's first chocolatiers Rex Morgen now manufactures European-style chocolates in Austin.

Tessa Halstead of Chocolaterie Tessa
Tessa Halstead of Chocolaterie Tessa
Chocolaterie Tessa/Facebook

A tiny European-style chocolate shop and factory joins the culinary explosion along Burnet Road. Over the weekend, Tessa Halstead opened Chocolaterie Tessa in collaboration with her father, the pioneering Dallas chocolatier Rex Morgen. According to their Facebook page, the shop specializes in European-style chocolates made with "our vast collection of antique European moulds," as well as truffles, fruit jellies, and carmels. The shop is located at 7425 Burnet Road.