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Brisket Destination Franklin Barbecue Installs a Brand Spankin' New Smoker Today

The perpetually-mobbed barbecue restaurant can now take full advantage of their new smokehouse.

Franklin Barbecue's New Smoker
Franklin Barbecue's New Smoker
Franklin Barbecue/Twitter

Good news for the brisket-rich region of East Austin: Franklin Barbecue installed a new smoker today. The barbecue mecca built a new smokehouse earlier this year in an attempt to keep up with skyrocketing demand for their cultishly loved brisket and other smokey meats. But general manager Benji Jacobs recently told Eater making too much food can increase line times exponentially, rather than helping the problem. They're now offering chilled and vacuum-sealed briskets to go, without a wait. The next step? A to-go window.

Franklin Barbecue

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