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New Central Thai Food Truck The Hey-Ha Launches Kickstarter

The brother/sister team moved from Chicago to Austin to open a truck focused on the cuisine of central Thailand.

Jenn and Fred Noinaj
Jenn and Fred Noinaj

A chef with an impressive Chicago resume is Kickstarting a new food truck right now. The Hey-Ha Truck will be run by brother and sister duo Jenn and Fred Noinaj, who grew up in their parents' Chicago Thai restaurant. Fred Noinaj cooked in some of Chicago's best kitchens, including Avec.

Their menu will focus on classic and regionally specific dishes from central Thailand, especially Bangkok. The truck will also feature a "no waste Wednesdays" with discounted food cooked from scraps that would otherwise be thrown away. They're trying to raise $17,000 to launch the truck in early 2015.