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Lockhart Landmark Black's Barbecue is Now Open in Austin

The Austin outpost of the historic Lockhart barbecue restaurant quietly opened its doors today at 11:00 a.m.

Black's Barbecue Austin
Black's Barbecue Austin

The Central Texas barbecue invasion ramps up today with the super-quiet opening of Black's Barbecue at 31st and Guadalupe. A call to the Lockhart Black's confirms the tip that the Austin outpost of the historic Lockhart restaurant is now open. Hours have not been officially set, but they will open tomorrow and Sunday at 11 a.m.

Black's Barbecue announced plans to open an Austin storefront earlier this year, serving  barbecue shipped up from the Lockhart pit. New barbecue restaurants with the name "Black" attached have proliferated recently, and this storefront is not affiliated, except by dint of genetics, with either Terry Black's Barbecue on Barton Springs or the recently opened Kent Black's Barbecue in San Marcos. Confused by all the Black's barbecues? Here's a handy explainer.

Update! A rep for Black's says they won't be open this Sunday, and passes along the following statement from Barrett Black: "After working several weeks in a row to get the Original Black's BBQ Austin open we decided to give our staff a day off this coming Sunday. We will be open all other Sunday's following."

Black's Barbecue Austin

3110 Guadalupe St. #150

Black's Barbecue