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Kerbey Lane's Great Pumpkin Menu; Mac N' Cheese Hacks From Olamaie; Eastside Cafe's Cookbook

Get ready for pumpkin pancakes, plus what to do with that giant block of leftover mac n' cheese.

Eastside Cafe
Eastside Cafe

PUMPKIN ALERT — Gourd-obsessives, good news: Kerbey Lane officially launches their pumpkin menu tomorrow at 5 p.m. Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin french toast, and a pumpkin mousse pie will all be on offer. [Eaterwire]

MAC N' CHEESE TIP — Food & Wine kind of flips out over Olamaie chef Grae Nonas's mac n' cheese tip. He suggests: "take the giant, solid block that cold macaroni and cheese becomes after you've refrigerated it overnight, slice it, put a bunch more cheddar cheese on it and broil the hell out of it."

CHERRYWOOD — Eastside Cafe has reprinted their cookbook Fresh & New, Tried & True after a long hiatus. There's a limited quantity; pick up yours at the restaurant or online. [Eaterwire]