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John Mueller Ranks Austin Barbecue Cooks in Twitter 'Rant'

Dark prince of Texas barbecue John Mueller takes to Twitter to decry barbecue rankings and shares his picks for Austin cooks.

John Mueller Meat Co.
John Mueller Meat Co.
Meghan McCarron/EATX

Cranky pitmaster, crime solver, and prolific tweeter John Mueller has taken to the internet to both decry and weigh in on barbecue rankings. In a lengthy series of tweets he characterizes a "rant," Mueller lists people he considers to be "the other barbecue cooks" in Austin and also urges people to "stop obsessing" over "barbecue polls." Mueller praises La Barbecue's John Lewis and Ali Clem, his new apprentice, a "Tom" who is probably Tom Micklethwait, and "Whomever cooks at franklons." Read on for the full critique.