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Ramen Pizza Alert: Michi Ramen And Via 313 Build Genius Hybrid

The cheese pizza with ramen bowl toppings will be available at both Michi and Via 313.

The Michi 313
The Michi 313
Via 313/Official

'Ramen pizza' previously existed as dried ramen noodles with sauce and cheese, but now Michi Ramen and Detroit pizza slingers Via 313 have seriously improved the concept. Meet the Michi 313, a plain cheese pie topped with everything that makes a bowl of ramen delicious (besides the noodles). According to Via 313, the toppings include:

  • Tonkotso (Pork broth)
  • Chasu (Sliced pork)
  • Kikurage (woodear mushrooms)
  • Nori (Baked seaweed)
  • Shoyu (Soy sauce)
  • Green Onion (Onions that are green)

The pie will be available in limited quantities from Thursday - Saturday at both Via 313 trucks (1111 E. 6th St. and 61 Rainey St.) and on the late night menu at Michi (6519 N. Lamar).