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'True Sui Generis Talent' Paul Qui Nabs Esquire's Chef of The Year

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Newish restaurant editor / tweezer hater Josh Ozersky praises Qui's unclassifiable approach to cooking and his talent for collaboration.

Paul Qui
Paul Qui
Nicolai McCrary/EATX

Esquire Magazine unveiled their revamped Best New Restaurant of 2014 last night, steered for the first time by meat fanatic / big city barbecue booster Josh Ozersky. Top Chef winner and empire-builder Paul Qui garners a "chef of the year" nod from the magazine for what Ozersky calls his "sui generis talent." The avowed tweezer-hater also notes Qui "uses tweezers, but he's not a tweezer chef, " and praises the chef's talent for collaboration, a skill Qui values highly. Qui beats out chefs like April Bloomfield and John Tesar, whose restaurants both landed on Esquire's list. Head on over to the Eater National mothership for the full breakdown.