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Chronicle Visits New Bar Drinks; CultureMap Tours Highland; Restaurants Peddle Their Compost

Are you ready for Dirty Drunk Sundays?

EAST CESAR CHAVEZThe Chronicle has a first look around new Drinks bar from the Brixton and Shangri-La teams. They will soon launch "Dirty Drunk Sundays" with a Bloody Mary bar and free cereal, so there's that.

DOWNTOWN — Meanwhile, CultureMap has a look around new upscale gay cocktail bar Highland Lounge, which recently opened on Colorado. [CultureMap]

COMPOST PEDDLIN' — A number of Austin restaurants have partnered with bike-driven business Austin Compost Peddlars. Everyone from eco-conscious Eastside Cafe to sausage and beer fest Banger's has found it to be an easy way to reduce food waste. [Good]