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Uchi's Philip Speer Arrested For DUI; Crash Caused Natural Gas Leak

Update: The arrest affidavit confirms Speer was the driver in a crash that caused a natural gas leak and required the evacuation of the area surrounding 183 and Cameron Road.

A rollover car crash at 183 and Cameron Road that caused a gas leak appears to have involved Uchi Director of Culinary Operations Philip Speer. Video shot by KVUE shows a man strongly resembling Speer as the driver who allegedly left the scene of the crash. Several Eater readers have independently identified the man as Speer as well, and Travis County jail records indicate a Philip Speer was booked for driving while intoxicated the morning of October 10 at 6:03 a.m. A rep for Uchi and St. Philip says they are "definitely aware of the situation" but have no comment at this time.

According to a report from KEYE, at about 2:15 a.m. Mazda sedan rolled over at 183 & Cameron and hit a gas pipe. Due to the resulting leak, both roads were shut down and the area was briefly evacuated. Police indicate a "37 year old man" was arrested in connection.

Update: The Statesman has obtained the arrest affidavit, which confirms Speer was the driver of the car. A witness describes him as "running" from the scene. A statement provided to the paper by Uchi says in part, "We take these charges against Philip Speer very seriously."

Speer Booking Travis Co.

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