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Even More Very Early Word: CultureMap Reviews St. Philip's Soft Opening

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The site's Houston food editor opts to "grade Uchi on a curve" during a friends and family dinner.

Robert J. Lerma/EATX

CultureMap's Houston food editor Eric Sandler files a full-fledged review of a recent dinner at St. Philip today, an odd move for a site that doesn't review restaurants and has plenty of Austin-based staff. Sandler notes it's early to draw conclusions about a restaurant not even open to the public yet, but argues the Uchi group should be "graded on a curve based on the expectations diners bring." The review praises the Uchi-style small plates but argues St. Philip might "not ever" be a destination for pizza in Austin.

In other first look news, local Austin blogger MisoHungry flips out about, yes, St. Philip's pizza. The early word is a mysterious oracle.