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Dolce Neve, a New Gelateria, Opening January 10 on South First

Photo: Dolce Neve/Official

Dolce Neve, the new gelateria from a family of Italian gelato experts, will be officially opening their doors January 10. Co-owner Marco Silvestrini told Eater that Dolce Neve will be serving up twenty different flavors, from traditional offerings like hazelnut to a seasonal rotation of fruits. They will also be serving sorbet and vegan gelato made with rice milk, as well as more non-traditional offerings like gelato cakes. Espresso will be featured as well.

Silvestrini co-owns the shop with his sister Francecsa Silvestrini, who trained Carpigiani Gelato University and worked at Pisa's lauded Gelateria De' Coltelli, and her fiancee Leo Ferrarese. The siblings grew up in a very small town in Italy where their food came from nearby farmers or their own backyard. They're seeking to bring that same hyper-local focus to Dolce Neve. Fruit will only be served when in season, so their opening offerings will focus on citrus like grapefruit. Silvestrini adds, "We will only source ingredients from local farmers and we're going to go organic whenever it's possible."

Silvestrini admits the team is a bit nervous about opening a gelato shop in the winter, but he hopes it will give them time to gear up for a busy summer season. "We hoped to open originally in mid-summer, but because of the delays you can have from the city, we kept postponing. But opening now is also a way for us to let people know about us slowly."

He and his business partners chose to open a gelateria because of the joy they took in the local flavors of Italy as children. "We thought about what made us happy. Why not try to transfer some of this happiness to people who might know this concept but did not live them in the same way we did?"
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Dolce Neve

1713 S. 1st Street, Austin, TX, 78704