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Jackalope's Ten Year Anniversary; Scrumptious Chef Does Exotic Meats; Charitable The Dojo

Photo: Jackalope/Facebook

DIRTY SIXTHThe Jackalope is celebrating ten years on Austin's booziest row next Thursday, February 6. They'll be giving away a keg of free beer "(and not the cheap kind)" starting at 10 p.m. [Eaterwire]

EAST SIXTHScrumptious Chef is hosting another pop-up at Tamale House East next Saturday, February 8 at 7 p.m. This one is focused on exotic meats. Feast on yak, antelope, alligator and more, if that's your kind of thing. [Eaterwire]

FAR NORTHThe Dojo izakaya will be donating 5% of their sales proceeds each month to a different charity. January's charity is the Dell Children's Hospital. [Eaterwire]

The Jackalope

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The Jackalope

404 E. 6th Street Austin TX