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Bridget Dunlap's New Restaurant is Next to Shuttered Dario's

Photo: Meghan McCarron/EATX; Dunlap ATX/Official

When Mettle chef Andrew Francisco announced this summer that he was working with Bridget Dunlap on a new restaurant, he described the location as "next to Dario's" on East 6th. Eater has confirmed the address with Dunlap as 1802 E. 6th Street, the former site of Custom Tees by Lee. The building is adjacent to Dario's, which shuttered this weekend. A representative for Dunlap could not confirm any plans to use the Dario's space at 1800 E. 6th. The new restaurant will focus on Sicilian food and is still unnamed; it will definitely not use its working title of "Ophelia Blue."
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Unnamed Bridget Dunlap Project

1802 E. 6th Street Austin TX