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Tyson Cole Blames Equal Rights for End of Chivalry; Update! Cole Apologizes

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Reliable sources report that Uchi co-owner and executive chef Tyson Cole ignited a debate on his Facebook page about chivalry and women's rights. Several tipsters have alerted Eater to the fact Cole posted he believes that women's campaign for equal rights resulted in the breakdown of traditional families, the rise of divorce, and the death of chivalry. According to reliable sources, Cole asserted women don't hold the door for men, even though Cole would hold the door for them.

Forthcoming dessert bar Bribery chef Jodi Elliott weighed in on the ensuing debate on Facebook. According to sources, Elliott said while she respects Cole professionally, she disagreed with his assertions about women's rights being detrimental to society. Elliott said she would much rather be treated as an equal than have men hold the door. Update! Jodi Elliott has commented about why she weighed in, and has provided her original comment from the Facebook debate. Check it out below.

Cole also tweeted the following today:

Update! Sources tell Eater that Cole has issued an apology to his Facebook page indicating that he feels his earlier comments made unfair assumptions about feminism and women's equality, and he values fairness both in his professional and personal life.

Elliott reached out to Eater with the following comment:

I wanted to clarify what I said on the whole Tyson Cole subject. First of all, what he posted went way beyond chivalry. He blamed the equal rights movement for a demise of the family unit and a slew of divorces in the 80's. I rarely comment on things such as this but was disappointed that a chef and restauranteur that I respected said these things.

The food industry is insanely difficult for women. "Equality" is rare and fought for. We work just as hard and are capable of just as much but men run this business. (For now.) So when a prominent man in the Austin food scene says careless and ridiculous statements on how equality has made some things worse in society - I felt the need to speak up!

Elliott's original comment to Cole's Facebook posting follows:
Dear Mr. Tyson Cole,

I respect you as a chef and restauranteur, but strongly disagree with your comments. As a woman, mother, chef and business owner- I believe equal rights are essential for the progression of society. I am, as you say, a product of the 80's slew of divorces. My mother divorced my alcoholic and abusive father to enhance and protect not only her own but her children's lives! That's equality run amuck? I disagree. I would rather earn as much as you (a man) and forgo you opening a door for me! I work just as hard - if not harder and deserve just as much - if not more. You have no idea what its like to be a girl or woman- so its not ok to assume.

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