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Get a Bikini's Tattoo on TV, Spend the Rest of Your Life Explaining Why On Earth You Did That

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Local breastaurant empire Bikini's will be filming a segment of the Discovery Channel's Destination America on September 12, and they are inviting suckers fans to get tattoos of the "Bikini's B" for free on TV. According to the press release, "over 50 raving fans and employees have signed up to forever show their Bikinis loyalty." Besides the lifelong pride one might take in bearing the logo of the world's first trademarked breastaurant, perks include being a "lifetime bikini contest judge" at the Bikini's of the bearer's choice and a free calendar. Could it get any better?

If a lifetime of "bleeding blue" is too much commitment, there is also a "Big Buckin' Burger Contest" in which "competitors face off with the challenge of devouring the famous five pound burger." Let's hope someone tries to get inked and scarf five pounds of beef at the same time, so America can fully understand what kind of destination Dirty Sixth truly is.
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Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill to Show Their Fans Bleed Bikinis Blue and to hold Bikini Contest for Filming

SEPTEMBER 6, 2013 (AUSTIN, TX) – Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, one of the fastest growing sports bar and grill concepts, is excited to announce that the Breastaurant® franchise will be featured on an upcoming episode of Destination America. With fifteen Bikinis locations opened in seven years, including the town of Bikinis, Texas, the filming further solidifies the Bikinis franchise as a top player in the booming Breastaurant® industry.

Destination America features mainly American-centric travel, food and natural history programming. Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill will be featured on an upcoming Breastaurant-focused special.

Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill is excited to announce the following events set to be filmed by Destination America on both days:

SEPTEMBER 12: Bikinis "B" Tattoo Inking & Big Buckin' Burger Contest
Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill fans and employees are ready to show that they bleed Bikinis blue next Thursday, September 12, by getting inked with a Bikinis "B" tattoo. Happening at 4pm at Mag 13 Tattoo, 211-B E. 6th Street, across the street from Bikinis, over 50 raving fans and employees have signed up to forever show their Bikinis loyalty. Additionally, Bikinis will be holding a Big Buckin' BurgerTM, contest where competitors face off with the challenge of devouring the famous five pound burger. Contest begins at 2pm and prizes will be awarded to those who can consume the entire Big Buckin' Burger. For more information or to participate in either or both the Bikinis "B" tattoo inking and the Big Buckin' Burger contest please email:

SEPTEMBER 13: Bikinis Contest, Winner will be Featured in 2015 Calendar
In the spirit of the restaurant's name, the 6th Street Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, located at 214 East 6th Street, is having an official bikini contest next Friday evening. The winner of the contest will make the 2015 Bikinis Calendar.


214 E. 6th Street Austin TX