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Addie Broyles is Over the Cronut

Over at the Statesman's blog, Addie Broyles writes that the La Patisserie's cronut knock-off, the CroBrio, has put her off all faux cronuts forever. Broyles writes that the CroBrio tastes like "a day-old doughnut that had been refried and injected with vanilla cream to cover up the flaws." The green tea glaze was hard to "untaste." Though she has not tried the other two Austin contenders, Artisan Bistro's Crognet and Sugar Mama's CroNettes, Broyles says, "I'll stick with the very fine traditional pastries at all three of these establishments."

Despite Broyles' disappointment, the cronut-ish pastry has become a thing. La Patisserie and Artisan Bistro are busily cranking out new flavors, and Sugar Mama's reports briskly selling out. Eater readers, have any of you tried Austin's cronut-imitators, or even waited in the epic lines for the original Cronut? And what will become of Austin when the fake Magic Soufflés hit?
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[Photo: La Patisserie/Facebook]

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