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Paul Qui & Qui's Bartenders on the New Cocktail Menu

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After former bar manager Michael Simon's departure a few weeks ago, Qui has featured a new, leaner cocktail menu. Eater checked in with Paul Qui and his bartending team of Brian Floyd, Rachel DelRocco, and Justin Elliott who created the new menu about what's new and what's next.

DelRocco says their overall concept is for "interesting spirits and simple cocktails to make sense with the food that Paul is putting out there." Brian Floyd adds that they are looking to "make subtle changes to beautiful classics," such as adding "fresh wild huckleberries to make a bramble." As for what's next, Justin Elliot says that they'll be "expanding the cocktail list soon." One of the biggest changes might be "fun large-format cocktails for sharing" like "sangarees/sangrias and punches" as well as perhaps "using yeast to carbonate large cocktails in-bottle."

Paul Qui says his preference is for cocktails to be enjoyed "before and/or after a meal." He adds, "I view cocktails as composed dishes that I would like to enjoy on their own."

classic cocktails

moscow mule
tito's vodka, lime, ginger beer, five spice

white palmetto
la favorite coeur de canne agricole, dolin blanc,
xocolatl mole bitters, orange bitters

improved pisco daisy
pisco barsol, yellow chartreuse, lemon,
tenneyson absinthe, soda

bourbon fancy
bourbon selection, luxardo maraschino,
pierre ferrand dry curacao, ango bitters

queens park swizzle
rhum JM gold, lime, sugar,
ango bitters, mint

huckleberry bramble
ford's gin, huckleberries, lime, sugar
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[Photo: Adrienne Breaux/EATX]


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