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French-Inspired Inn, Grocery, and Restaurant Planned for East 12th

In a recent profile in Food and Wine, Danika Boyle, who is the owner of the culinary travel company Petite Peche & Co., revealed that she's planning a new "new 60-room inn on Austin's East Side," which will also "incorporate a French-style bakery and restaurant and extensive gardens." Eater has obtained the mock-ups for this inn, whose proposed location is 1000-1022 East 12th Street.

Boyle has had this project in the works for at least a year; part of the property was previously owned by the city, and in an Austin Business Journal report on its sale last summer, Boyle was described as envisioning "the corridor as the city's next walkable destination." When reached for comment, Boyle said the project was "just entering the fundraising stage."
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French Inn and Restaurant Project

1000-1022 E. 12th Street Austin TX