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Where are the Best Places to Eat Near ACL?

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Welcome to another edition of Friday Open Threads, wherein we let the comments section run responsibly wild and pay special attention to the tipline with the hope of finding out what you, astute Eater readers, like to eat and drink in Austin.

Austin City Limits is coming for us all, this time for an unprecedented two weekends of shows. While the festival is famously packed with food trailers and vendors, those offerings are, well, famously packed. Eater Readers, where should festigoers go to eat and drink near Zilker? What over-hyped places should they definitely avoid? Eater will post a map of your picks Monday to the benefit of all.

For those of you who have yet to join in on the comment fun, a reminder that all you need is an email and a username. Fake_Account, guess, and $10.50perhour have already been taken, but LMFC may still be up for grabs. Tipsters can also hit us on the tip line.

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