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Patika Coffee Going Brick and Mortar on South Lamar

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Photo: Patika/Facebook

Popular downtown coffee truck Patika is going brick and mortar at 2159 South Lamar Blvd, in the offices of the old Liberty Tax Service. Eater spoke with owner Andy Wigginton, who says they are optimistically hoping to be open in February or March, but that date depends on the permitting process. Patika will keep their trailer downtown, and their new location will feature a rotating menu of in-house pastries as well as wine and beer.

Wigginton, a self-described "coffee nerd," first started Patika as a trailer because he's "conservative." He says now that if he'd known how much he would love running a coffee business, "I would have gone brick and mortar immediately." He had originally hoped to open downtown, but the space on booming South Lamar offered too good of an opportunity to pass up. "South Lamar needs more good coffee."
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Patika Coffee

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