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Last-Minute Guide to HAAM Day; Sub in a Bowl; Weather Up's New Menu

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HAAM WIRECulture Map has your "last minute guide" to supporting local musicians on HAAM Day, with shows at likely spaces like Antone's and less-likely spaces like Maria's Taco Express. A number of Austin restaurants, like Lenoir and La Condesa, are donating a percentage of their proceeds to the organization today as well. [CultureMap]

SUB WIRE — Would you like your sandwich in a bowl? ThunderCloud Subs is offering "everything that goes on one of ThunderCloud's famous subs, on a bed of lettuce, without the bread." Sane people can still get their sandwiches on bread, including a gluten-free option. [Eaterwire]

EAST CESAR CHAVEZ — Food service is officially on at Weather Up's "Harry Potter kitchen." Chef Kristine Kitrell will be serving food from 5-11pm Tuesday through Sunday. Check out the menu below. [Eaterwire]
[Photo: Andrea Grimes/EATX]

Weather Up 'Small Bites' Menu

Meat and Cheese

La Quercia Tamworth prosciutto
Salami Toscano
Chorizo Picante de Espana
Delice de Bourgogne
Clothbound cheddar

1 for 6$
3 for 15$
5 for 21$
Accompaniments 3$

Fried almonds 4$
Provençal and Castelvetrano olives 5$
Smoked-whitefish croquette, Pommery mustard creme fraiche, pickled apple 7$
Pork torchon, Negroni jam, Stilton 4$
American paddlefish caviar, Grand Marnier creme fraiche, buttered brioche, quail egg 9$
Foie gras-buttered rosemary-bread pudding toast, shallot jam 7$
Celeriac soup, pink peppercorns, parsley oil 5$
Duck fat-fried fingerling potatoes, black truffle aioli 6$
Chocolate ganache, Maldon salt, blood orange olive oil 5$
Trio of melon sorbets, Old Cuban 5$

Weather Up

159 Duane Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 766-3202 Visit Website