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Tyson Cole Bringing "Fast Casual Southeast Asian" to South Austin

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Zagat chatted with Uchi and Uchiko's Tyson Cole, who reveals that he's working on a new Southeast Asian fast-casual restaurant in Austin slated to open in 18-24 months. The restaurant will be located in South Austin, on "some awesome land" and will be "lunch-focused" and feature "a large outdoor patio." Cole has dreams of a "really small" sushi place as well, but no concrete plans.

Cole also reveals that he thinks SPIN Thai's decision to open up in an inexpensive section of north Austin was "short-sighted," and as for Paul Qui, "I hired the kid off the street, and eight years later he's the most famous chef in the country." Cole thinks Austin is missing "a Balthazar." Entirely agreed. Let's he hope he opens that up next.
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