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Downtown's Slake Cafe is Adding a Bar for "Happy Hour"

Photo: Slake Cafe/Facebook

Slake Cafe, a newish downtown sandwich shop, is expanding in a big way. They are adding a full bar and a small stage in the back, and will serve drinks and dinner for "the happy hour crowd" Monday through Friday. They hope to open the new space in "mid-November," depending on permits.

Eater spoke with GM Alex Martin, who says the bar will occupy a space that was previously "a long hallway to restrooms" and "a storeroom filled with junk," both of which they've gutted. The bar will have seating for "about fifty people." As for hours, they're going "play it by ear," but projected bar hours are 4-10pm, perhaps a bit later Thursday and Friday. The dinner menu will "change weekly" and will be "definitely higher end" with local ingredients. Saturdays the bar space will be available for private events.
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Slake Cafe

120 E 7th St Austin, TX 78701