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Evangeline Cafe Turns 10; Serious Sweets at Kenichi; Russian House Turns One

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SOUTHWEST — Virginia Wood gives some love to south Austin Louisiana joint Evangeline Cafe's 10th anniversary party. They will be rolling back prices ten years on their cajun classics like chicken and sausage gumbo, and lots of live music will be on hand. [Chronicle]

SERIOUS EATS — goes in depth on the Maytag blue cheese cheesecake at downtown's Kenichi. Writer Veronica Meewes praises the "super creamy" texture of the cheesecake and the red grape sorbet "palate cleanser." [Serious Eats]

DOWNTOWNRussian House is celebrating their one year anniversary on October 19. There will be anniversary cake and champagne, as well as, one assumes, vodka. Festivities start at 5pm and tickets are free. [Eaterwire]
[Photo: Sean C/Yelp]

Evangeline Cafe

8106 Brodie Ln, Austin, TX 78745