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Home Slice Visits NYC; Guns & Oil at Hill's Cafe; Mexic-Arte Museum Seeks Food Trucks

NEW YORK CITY — Home Slice Pizza took its annual staff pizza scouting trip to New York City, and owner Jen Scoville Strickland calls Brooklyn's Lucali "the best pizza I have ever eaten in New York." She praises their use of the "freshest ingredients" but thinks their true strength is "hospitality." Which is nice, but gets Austin no closer to more delicious pizza. [Huffington Post]

WAY SOUTH CONGRESSHill's Cafe is hosting a launch party for new microbrewery Guns & Oil tonight. Guns & Oil is now in twelve bars in the Austin area, and their focus is their "American lager," the Maverick. So manly! Tonight's event benefits the Hill Country Conservancy. [Eaterwire]

DOWNTOWN — Calling all food trucks! The Mexic-Arte Museum is looking for a few delicious trucks for the 30th anniversary of their Day of the Dead festival, Viva la Vida, which will be held on October 19 from 2-10pm at 5th and Brazos. Only six trucks will be selected, so they can be assured a "high volume" of customers. Anyone interested should contact their development director. [Eaterwire]

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