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CultureMap on Manor; Noble Wants a Sandwich Category; Dreaming of a Downtown Market

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CHERRYWOOD — CultureMap listicles the restaurants along the booming Manor Road strip, from stalwarts like Vivo Cocina Mexicana to the newest kids on the block, School House Pub and Haymaker. They like the lemonade at Flat Top Burger Shop, the candied pork belly at Salty Sow, and the jalapeno cornbread at Elaine's Pork & Pie. They also inexplicably refer to Hoover's as "Hoover's Cooking (RIP)," even though the neighborhood institution is very much open. Perhaps they are thinking of the closed north location? [Culture Map]

MISSED OPPORTUNITIESNoble Sandwiches has taken to twitter to ask The Chronicle why there was no sandwich category category in this year's restaurant poll. One tweeter suggested that perhaps The Chronicle didn't want to see yet another Thundercloud victory, but Noble remains confident that they "could have been a contender." [Eaterwire/Twitter]

DOWNTOWN DREAMS — You know what would be awesome? If Austin had a huge permanent market like Seattle's Pike Place or Philly's Reading Terminal. The Downtown Austin Alliance is holding an event with a nationally-recognized market expert on September 25 at Brazos Hall at 7:30 to discuss just this possibility. A city can dream, right? [Downtown Austin]


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