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Barley Swine Sues Miami's Barley & Swine Over Name

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Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX/EN

The Statesman reports that Austin's Barley Swine has sued Miami restaurant Barley & Swine "claiming the similarly named Florida eatery is infringing on their trademark." This lawsuit should come as no surprise to the Miami restaurant: when Eater National broke the name confusion back in March, Barley Swine had already sent a cease and desist to their Miami doppelganger. The owner of Barley & Swine, Jorge Ramos, reported at that time that he would change the name to "B&S" if it "became a problem." Barley Swine is basing the grounds of its suit in part on the fact that Barley & Swine "has also been mentioned by some of the same media outlets that have previously profiled Barley Swine, reportedly causing confusion" which, you know, sounds like a problem.
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