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Matt Winter Makes a Bold Decision to Follow His Passion

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Matt Winter was first in line to work in the family business, his grandfather's clothing company, before he decided to follow his own passion. With a discerning eye and a love for design, he started designing his own interior spaces, focusing on—you guessed it—bars. With spaces like Santa Monica's 41 Ocean and Sassafras on his resume, he's made a name for himself as one of top names in his field. In the spirit of Charles Tanqueray—the founder of his namesake gin who chose his passion for gin over a family tradition of the clergy—Matt's blazed his own path and taken the design world by storm.

Check out Matt Winter in the video above, and raise a glass to those who break from tradition, everywhere. Check out the rest of the videos here.

PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. TANQUERAY London Dry Gin. 100% Grain Neutral Spirits. 47.3% Alc/Vol. ©2012 Imported by Charles Tanqueray & Co., Norwalk, CT.