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Ramen Tatsu-Ya Opens for Lunch This Weekend

Ramen Tatsu-Ya.
Ramen Tatsu-Ya.
Photo: Spencer Selvidge/EATX

Ramen Tatsu-Ya will be "softly open" this Saturday and Sunday from 12-3PM for lunch. The menu will feature a single bowl, the new "Ol' Skool" a classic style of Tokyo ramen with a lighter taste and thicker noodles. Use the power of panic to get there early: quantities will be limited.

Zagat chatted with chefs Tatsu Aikawa and Tako Matsumoto yesterday about their new lunch menu, which features a chicken broth so "people who can't eat pork for dinner can come for lunch." A vegan option is in the works, too.
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Ramen Tatsu-Ya

8557 Research Blvd., Austin, TX