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Haute Pockets Profiled; Grape Stomps in the Hill Country

HYDE PARKThrillist has the lowdown on Haute Pockets, a hot pocket food trailer parked outside Coldtown Theater. Offerings include "Bend it like Beckham," a take on the samosa, and "Fromage a Trois," loaded with local cheeses. [Thrillist]

CHERRYWOOD— East Side BBQ trailer Hoover's Texa-Mexi-Cue will re-open on August 31 just in time for UT Football. The trailer has been closed due to heat. Hoover's tweet on the subject was a bit confusing, but Eater confirmed they were tweeting about to the trailer's re-opening, not the very open restaurant across the street. [Eaterwire]

HILL COUNTRY— Want to get your feet wet? Also purple? For the next three weekends, various Texas Wineries will be hosting grape stomps. [Way Out West Austin]
[Photo via Thrillist]

Haute Pockets

4803-B Airport Blvd Austin, TX 78751