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Domain Getting a Whole Foods; Kickstart Vegan Fine Dining; Ortiz & Sawicki

THE DOMAINis finally getting a Whole Foods. The store will debut in January, and the nearby market at the Gateway will remain open. This location will be the fifth Whole Foods in Austin, and the store will be the second-largest in the city after the downtown flagship. [Statesman]

VEGANWIRE — A vegan supper club is Kickstarting a "vegan fine dining" restaurant which they are hoping to open in either South or East Austin. Bistro Vonish is looking to raise $20,000 in order to sign a lease and "begin our renovations." In terms of locations, they're eyeing South First or East 6th and Medina. [Reddit]

ORTIZ/SAWICKI WIRE — On Twitter today, Rene Ortiz asked followers to "show your support for Laura and I" by buying tickets for the Austin stop of Outstanding in the Field, which the two will be cooking for on October 23 at Rain Lily Farm. Meanwhile, Sway is hiring line and pastry cooks. [Eaterwire]
Whole Foods Downtown. [Photo: Whole Foods / Facebook]

Whole Foods Market [Austin]

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