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Wal-Mart Family Owns Former Nuevo Leon Property

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Hipsters, go home. East Sixth's Nuevo Leon, which closed in March, has been bought by a branch of Wal-Mart's investment group. The Chronicle reports that the site could possibly become a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, the Mini-Me to Wal-Mart's Dr. Evil, but "current market trends" suggest the site will become an apartment complex.

Culture Map calls the potential development "the tipping point" in East 6th's rapid gentrification, right up there with the opening of Whisler's where patrons "sip $12 cocktails under the watchful gaze of Cesar Chavez." While Culture Map claims Nuevo Leon closed "due to costs," The Chronicle paints the sale as allowing "the hard-working mother and grandmother to retire at 77."

Eater readers: is East 6th over? Is this the Wal-pocalypse? Or just some condo?

Update! The Statesman confirms that "the purchase is unrelated to Walmart as a company."
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[Photo: Mitchel M./Yelp]

Nuevo Leon

1501 E 6th St Austin, TX 78702