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Bloggers Weigh in on Daruma Ramen, Lucy's Fried Chicken, and Opal Divine's

Daruma Ramen.
Daruma Ramen.
Photos: Patrick Michels/EATX

Austin's food bloggers are on a roll this week with several significant posts, including a review of Daruma Ramen from Austin's Fed Man Walking. Mike Sutter praises Daruma's "boutique space," noting it offers a vision of what East 6th. could be without "the weight of Austin's nightlife." As for the food, Sutter praises the "refined goldenrod-colored stock" and the "springy" noodles. Unlike The Chronicle's Jessi Cape, Sutter is not a fan of the potato croquettes, but he praises the plum-shiso ice cream "that faded up slowly from a light dry soft-focus to full-bloom floral."

Meanwhile, Forks Up visits Lucy's Fried Chicken, highlighting its "perfect bird" and "gluttonous" side menu. The ATX Food Lovers weigh in on Opal Divine's and "recommend it for a cheap brunch option with no wait." A number of recent visits are rounded up at South Austin Foodie, with the Via 313 truck now parked on Rainey St. garnering the most praise.
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Lucy's Fried Chicken

2218 College Avenue, , TX 78704 (512) 297-2423 Visit Website

Daruma Ramen

612-B E 6th St, Austin, TX