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Reduced Hours, Menu Changes at Papi Tino's

Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX

Last week, East 6th. St. cantina Papi Tino's announced they were sharply reducing their hours and are now open Friday and Saturday evenings only. (Fed Man Mike Sutter tweeted the door posting.) Eater spoke with owner Alan Gonzales about the decision, as well as other changes ahead.

Papi Tino's is Gonzales's first restaurant. He explains that while he loves running a restaurant in the space, "the places that kill it" on East 6th are the bars. He's decided to cut back hours "to concentrate on those two days," and not spend every day "worrying if we have enough tomatoes." The rest of the week will be dedicated to hosting special events. Gonzales will also be returning the menu to its original focus, incorporating family recipes from his Mexico City childhood. His mother, he jokes, is the new chef. "One good thing about me," Gonzales says, "is I like change."
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