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Get Historical at Scholz; Tatsu Aikawa on Sushi; Hops & Grain Pub Gets Closer

DOWNTOWN - Tonight at Scholz Garten, the Austin Historical Society is re-creating a 19th century beer garden. Presentations on the history of beer gardens in Austin, as well as the history of brewing here, will be featured, and Scholz will offer a special 19th century menu. The event is free, though sadly that doesn't include the food. The series is a part of their ongoing exhibition on Austin's 19th century food history. Image courtesy of Austin Public Library. [Eaterwire]

NORTH AUSTIN - Chef Tatsu Aikawa of Ramen Tatsu-Ya calls the inventor of the California roll "badass" in a new interview with Zagat. He cites Musashino as the best traditional sushi in Austin, and notes that Uchi and Uchiko are doing "very cool things." [Zagat]

EAST SIDE - Mettle neighbor Hops and Grain reports that they're waiting on final signatures for their brewpub permit. Until then, they'll be running extended tap room hours Thursday to Sunday. They're also planning, incongruously, a silent disco party. [Eaterwire]
-Meghan McCarron