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Soto Chef 'Old Beyond His Years'; Magic At Connie's

CEDAR PARKRob Balon profiles 28-year-old Soto chef Andy Soto: "He seems old beyond his years and yet still has the outgoing personality of someone much younger." [Dining Out]

EAST SIDE — Connie Green of Joe's Place and Connie's Beer Garden tells Community Impact that she tells her patrons, "when they walk through the garden entrance, it's like going through the doorway into Diagon Alley." [Community Impact]

LAKE TRAVIS — The Oasis, Texas lakestravaganza restaurants-with-a-view attraction will launch "Hilltop First Saturday" events on July 6, with live music and crafts, plus a brewery is in the works. [CultureMap]

Soto. [Photo: Andrea Grimes/EATX]


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