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H-E-B Mueller Opens; Hatch Chiles Prepare to Invade Central Market

MUELLER—The new "green" H-E-B Mueller officially opened its doors today and The Austin Chronicle has a look inside the swanky grocery store, including an in-store cafe. Virginia Wood and company sample the pizzas, sandwiches, and ribs, and proclaim them "several cuts above" the usual H-E-B deli offerings. [Austin Chronicle]

WESTGATE, N. LAMAR—Central Market announced that its 18th annual Hatch Chile Festival will be held August 7-20 this year. It's your yearly chance to stock up on the elusive New Mexican chile, so get ready to snatch up all the Hatch mayo, Hatch crab cakes, and cheddar Hatch pepper loaf you can.
· Cafe Mueller Debuts Friday, July 26 [Austin Chronicle]
Claire Canavan

H-E-B Mueller

1801 E. 51st Street Austin, Texas 78723