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Cooking Channel Can't Get Enough Tink Pinkard

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Austin's Tink Pinkard, a professional hunting and fly-fishing guide as well as the Outfitter for The Homegrown Revival, will appear in the upcoming episode "Ranching and Roasting in Texas" on the Cooking Channel's Man Fire Food on July 30th at 8:00 p.m.

During a recent interview with TheFoodea, Cooking Channel Host Chef Roger Mooking described the most colorful person encountered while shooting the show:

There was a guy we met actually named Tink Pinkard in Texas. He's just a big grizzly bear looking guy with a heart of gold. He has a great group of friends around him. He does some really delicious food, whole hog porchetta, and he was just a warm person and so inviting. Normally we do two locations in every episode but we were just so compelled by him and what he's doing, and his passion and his whole lifestyle and we stayed with him for a whole episode. That's the first time we've ever done that in a season.

Way to make Austin proud, Tink.
—Ashley Cheng
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[Photo via Austin Food and Wine Alliance]